Messier 35

Almost two years ago I made some wide field pictures, and caught in the same time Messier 35 open cluster. This time M35 and its tiny neighbour NGC2158 were my main targets. A few days ago I pointed t... Read More

Rosette emission

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Rosette emission nebula is extreme. It is actually a complex that consists of hot, young stars (about 2500 of them are there), molecular hydrogen clouds and dark dusts. The nebula mass is estimated to... Read More

Hydrogen Phantom Mask

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This one is HII molecular hydrogen cloud in Perseus arm of our Galaxy. It’s Sharpless number is Sh2-173, and can be found in Cassiopeia close to NGC103 open cluster (at the frame bottom). Pretty... Read More


Nope, no M97 this time. Its NGC457 star open cluster in Cassiopeia. Plus NGC436 little sister. Both are relatively young clusters – first one is about 20 millions year old, smaller one is four t... Read More