Double open cluster in Perseus is an object I like to get back. It is well known northern sky gem, visible with naked eye and in all sorts of instruments, however to admire its beauty I recommend some wider field instrument that can grasp both clusters with some context as well. These open clusters are pretty young in cosmological time span – they are 3 and 5 million years old (well known Pleiades are over 100 million years old for comparison). They are composed with hot (so blueish) stars, but also a few colder (yellow) giants can be spotted among them.

I made picture below on February, 14th 2017 with 130mm Photoline refractor and QHY163M camera. It is total 90 minutes of exposure with Baader RGB filters under suburban sky. Both seeing and transparency were average.

Double open cluster in Perseus – h+χ Persei

Large version

Clear skies!