M82 Cigar Galaxy

I already imaged M82 together with M81, and also recorded SN2014J supernova in this galaxy, but M82 itself has never been one and only target of my image. Up till now 🙂 Messier 82 is also known as ... Read More

M51 Whirlpool AD2019

I have already imaged M51 galaxy several times. I think it is actually my most often imaged galaxy (though it may be M82 as well 🙂 ) But it is no surprise at all. M51 is a real gem among galaxies. ... Read More

One more Needle

I have imaged NGC4565 already here and here, but on last Zatom astroparty I took a look onto this galaxy and could not resist to picture is again with 10″ telescope. Needle Galaxy is a kind of m... Read More

The Ring – M57

Messier 57 is a planetary nebula with all the consequences. It was formed about 7,000 years ago, when a dying red giant star expelled its shell of ionized gas to form the nebula. And this star then be... Read More