Minkowski double

In the frame below big blue blob is epsilon Cephei star. It is variable of type Delta Scuti, varies between 4.15 and 4.21mag with period of 59 minutes. At the right there is open cluster NGC7234. Then, in the frame center there is planetary nebula. Interstellarum atlas calls it Little Ring Nebula. It is so little, that is not even placed in NGC or IC catalogues. Its signature is Minkowski 2-51, angular diameter is 72″ and brightness is 13.5mag. And the “composition” is closed with another planetary nebula – Minkowski 2-52 with 12″ diameter and 14mag brightness. When you enlarge picture you can try to locate it in the upper left part of the frame – it is tiny red bean. 

Shot on 11.09.2016 with Photoline 130/910 refractor and Atik383 camera. LRGB 5 minutes subexposures, 250 minutes total.

NGC7234 open cluster and Mi2-51 plus Mi2-52 planetary nebulae

Full size here https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/2016-09-11-Mi252-1.jpg

Little Ring enlarged:


And the planetary nebulae size comparison – M27, M76, Mi2-51 and Mi2-52:


Clear skies!

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