M82 Cigar Galaxy

I already imaged M82 together with M81, and also recorded SN2014J supernova in this galaxy, but M82 itself has never been one and only target of my image. Up till now 🙂 Messier 82 is also known as ... Read More

M51 Whirlpool AD2019

I have already imaged M51 galaxy several times. I think it is actually my most often imaged galaxy (though it may be M82 as well 🙂 ) But it is no surprise at all. M51 is a real gem among galaxies. ... Read More

One more Needle

I have imaged NGC4565 already here and here, but on last Zatom astroparty I took a look onto this galaxy and could not resist to picture is again with 10″ telescope. Needle Galaxy is a kind of m... Read More

Active M106

Messier 106 is intermediate spiral galaxy in Canes Venatici. It was discovered by Pierre Mechain in 1791 and is located about 22 million light years from Earth. M106 is quite bright galaxy available f... Read More