Short summer nights plus half full Moon are not a good candidates for deep sky imaging. Spring galaxies requires much exposure time, and narrowband targets are still to come later in the year. So let’s take a look at some open clusters. For the first night of June I have chosen NGC6755 open cluster in Aquila. It is placed in the rich Milky Way area, so it does not pop up clearly as star cluster. There is also small NGC6756 cluster little above, and the same story here – not well defined. However both of them were discovered by William Herschel, so visually they are definitely not a hard targets. 

Shot from my backyard with TS130 refractor on EQ6 mount with QHY163C color camera. It is 34×3 minutes stack. 

NGC6755 and 6756 open clusters in Aquila
NGC6755 and 6756 open cluster in Aquila

Large version here

Clear skies!