Rosette emission

NGC2244 Rosette emission nebula is extreme, it is actually a complex that consists of hot, young stars (about 2500 of them are there), molecular hydrogen clouds and dark dusts. The nebula mass is estimated to be 10000 times of solar mass, and it is placed about 5000 light years away.
I have pictured it some time ago, but this one is so attractive to me, that although it does not fit my setup field of view I could not resist to picture it this season as well 🙂 It is 5 hours of hydrogen exposures only so far, but will try to add some more colors soon (PS – here it is).
Pictured in my backyard with 130mm refractor, QHY163M camera and EQ6 mount. 30×10 minutes exposures.

NGC2244 Rosette nebula complex in hydrogen alpha band
NGC2244 Rosette nebula complex in hydrogen alpha band

Larger version

Clear skies!

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