C/2011 J2 LINEAR is a comet, just another one, not very famous. Discovered in May, 2011 in LINEAR program. It had then apparent brightness of 19.7mag. Comet has not approched much Sun – the closest distance between comet and Sun was about 3.4AU (1AU is about 150mln km). 


Above is the two frames made in February, 2014. And below is negative stack 5×5 minutes:


It is actually possible to imagine a comet tail, if you try a little 🙂
And yesterday I made my last picture of this comet. It is currently escaping back to the space. Currently it is over 500 mln km from Earth:
In September, 2014 several astronomers discovered the fact comet ncule splitting. You can read more about it at http://www.virtualtelescope.eu/2014/09/19/c2011-j2-linear-nucleus-splitting/ page.
Clear skies!