And northern autumn constellations as well – Cygnus is the one quite well known. I already presented a few pictures positioned in this constellation, here it comes another one of IC1318 nebula. This is yet another hydrogen cloud emission nebula, excited to glow in red by nearby hot stars. Picture presents a small part of the large and complex dust and gas clouds that forms many interesting shapes in this region of the sky. The area is placed about 3700 light years away in the Orion arm of our Milky Way. 


Picture above is composite image of hydrogen alpha channel (blended to red colour) and regular RGB channels (that represents star colors). Hydrogen channel only you can see below:
In the mid right part of the picture you may notice thick, red dot. That is a small planetary nebula – Sd1. I could not find any more information about it however 🙂
Clear skies!