The Fox Head

The Fox Head is a remote star open cluster in Cygnus constellation, nearby Lyra. This one is about 7200 light years away and contains not so many stars. When observed visually it resembles the head of fox, hence it nickname  “Fox Head Cluster”. 

Image below was made with QHY163M camera and TS130/910 refractor on EQ6 mount. It is two hours of exposures under suburban sky. Conditions were moderate. 

NGC6819 Fox Head open cluster in Cygnus

Large version

When I reviewed the image I noticed red dot below the cluster. I hoped it is one of my favourite star type – carbon star, but it turned out to be a mira type variable V1274 Cygni*%20V1274%20Cyg 

V1274 Cygni variable

Clear skies!

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