Bubble and elusive KjPn 8

Few days ago I put here an entry with NGC7635 Bubble nebula in hydrogen alpha band. Later on I collected some data with RGB filters (3×40 minutes) and also with O III filter (20×10 minutes) and tried to merge it all together. The result is as below:

NGC7635 Bubble nebula with M52 open cluster. Ha, OIII and RGB composite.
NGC7635 Bubble nebula with M52 open cluster. Ha, OIII and RGB composite.

Large version https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/N7635-fin2.jpg

Inquisitive eye will catch in the lower left image part some hydrogen red faint something. At the beginning I noticed in the RGB frame intensive red dot. After small research it turned out, that it is planetary nebula. Actually, the red dot is its core, and the nebula itself spans irregularly around it and has apparent dimensions 14 x 4 arc minutes. It is KjPn 8 nebula.

KjPn 8 planetary nebula position.
KjPn 8 planetary nebula position.

It is pretty faint object, barely visible at 8 hours of hydrogen exposure (see inset in the image above). I found more information about this nebula at https://astrodonimaging.com/gallery/kjpn-8-tubular-planetary-nebula/ page. Its extraordinary shape is a real puzzle for scientists. One suggests that it is a result of two subsequent events in the binary star system, and each of these events created different part of this structure. Small nebula core has apparent diameter of 4 arc seconds.

UPDATE: in 2018 I have imaged KjPn8 nebula using 10″ telescope.

Clear skies!

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