NGC4559 at Coma

NGC4559 is little bit forgotten intermediate spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices. It is located about 30 million light years away and belongs to Coma I Group of galaxies. Under dark sky can be spotted with medium sized binoculars, and in 100mm refractor it is obvious oval shape at low magnifications. Its apparent dimensions is 10×4 arc minutes, so it is pretty large (like one third of apparent Moon diameter), but to see the faint halo you need larger telescope. 

I made image below in April, 2018 at my backyard observatory. It is LRGB composition, about 3 hours of total exposure with Meade ACF 10″ telescope and QHY163M camera on EQ6 mount. Transparency was good, seeing moderate. 

NGC4559 galaxy in Coma Berenices

There are quite a few HII regions in NGC4559, some of them have their own designations:

Active HII regions in NGC4559

Clear skies!

Image technical data:

Date:       20.04.2018, 06.05.2018
Location:   Nieborowice, Poland
Telescope:  Meade ACF 10"
Corrector:  AP CCDT67
Camera:     QHY163M, gain 100
Mount:      SW EQ6
Guiding:    SW 80/400 + ASI290MM
Exposure:   L 50x2, RGB 15:10:12x2 minutes
Conditions: seeing average-good, transparency good

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