Red Lion

Lion As faint as Lion has gained some color. It is only 3×40 minutes of each RGB channels added, and hydrogen light colored with red. No actually the true or real colors, but close to (... Read More

Barnard in red

Edward Emerson Barnard was an American astronomer. Among many astronomy activities he was also pioneering astrophotographer. He cataloged a series of dark nebulae, known as Barnard objects. This catal... Read More

Red jelly

IC443 nebula is also known as Jellyfish Nebula. It is supernova remnant (SNR) in the constellation Gemini placed about 5000 light years away. The nebula is quite large (almost as twice large as appare... Read More

Bloody sky

Not so long time ago I presented Crescent Nebula in hydrogen alpha emission line. The picture was black and white, but in fact the color that corresponds to hydrogen alpha line (656nm) is deep red. S... Read More