Sharpless Sh2-101 or Cygnus Star Cloud are the alternative names for the nebula presented here today. Although it is much better known under the name Tulip Nebula. It is classic emission nebula that shines (faintly) in deep red hydrogen hue. The Tulip itself can be seen in the right part of the picture. This hydrogen cloud lies about 6000 light years away and its apparent size is 16’x9′ so about half apparent size of the Moon.


The picture below is enlarged part of the Tulip itself. The exposure has not been long enough to record some more details, probably I will get back to this nebula some day.
And the last one is color HaRGB version with some star hue added to the stack.
You can see for comparison the same nebula shot with modded Canon 20D about one year ago.
Clear skies!