Arduino ASCOM focuser kit

Maybe you remember the ASCOM jolo focuser project – now it has the production implementation! Some of my astro colleagues took a chance and we made an action. 15 circuit boards has been ordered and 10 ready to use kits have been made. 5 other users ordered just clean boards to make the kit by theirselves. You can see how the device look like:

foc-4The reference solution uses L298 stepper driver and works with half steps by default. You can find all the documentation, schematics, source code and PCB project at . 


There were some problems with first revision of PCB thats why you can see a few wires around the Arduino board 🙂 

Clear skies!

20 thoughts on “Arduino ASCOM focuser kit”

  1. Hello Lucaz
    First many thanks for sharing a great project.
    I built my focuser based on your design with some minor modifications (USB powered stepping motor and controller). It works great and I based it on your 2.0 code in GitHub.
    One thing I haven't been able to get running yet however us the temperature compensation. Although I do enter the required values in the driver it seems like it is not compensating even if the temperature changes (the DS1820 delivers the correct temp however).
    I'm using the 2.0 ascom driver as well.
    Do you know what I might be doing wrong or should I use another driver SW?

    Many thanks!

    Best Regards

    Ps: you can see images of the project here (sorry for the Swedish).

  2. Hi Claes,

    Nice to hear that you made it running 🙂 As for temperature compensation – it must be enabled in the controlling software, so if you use MaxIm (as I noticed on your screenshots) you need to enable checkbox "Temp. tracking". Let me know if that helped.


  3. Hello Lukasz,
    first : Happy new year ! second, one question … I am trying to make a focuser with an arduino micro pro board (based on the Atmega32U4, like the Leonardo model) this board is very interesting because it is very small and has an micro usb port integrated, the problem is your ascom driver cannot establish the connection with the board, do you have an idea? I can modify a little bit the arduino for matching to this different board but I am not able to modify the ascom driver, if you have a solution it will be welcome. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the answer.
    Got it and will test later.
    I just noticed you updated the main branch with version 2.2. The HW I made is using the 2.0 version (no LCD) and this was partly due to Library errors in the 2.2 branch (in the i2c LCD library).
    Would you please let me know the main differences between 2.0 and 2.2 (also can you omit the LCD in the HW and still use 2.2)?

    Many thanks!

    Best Regards

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