XIV Zatom astroparty

Milky Way above Zatom fields. Credits: pawelsky at forumastronomiczne.pl

This spring has welcomed polish astro amateurs in XIV astroparty in Zatom. It is periodic event that is organized every half of the year – in spring and in autumn. Zatom itself is a small village in the north west part of Poland. It is placed in the heart of the national park, so all city lights are left far away.

Sunspot group shot in Zatom astroparty on April, 1st 2017 with SCT8″ and ASI290MM.

During the most recent event in spring 2017 over 60 people participated in astroparty activities. Weather was not perfect. Fortunately there was no rain, high daytime temperature, but one night was cloudy, and another two ones not quite clear – there were some high clouds hanging around, so sky was not completely dark. But much darker than in my backyard anyway 🙂 I have collected some photons with my wide field setup that I need to process.

Moon mosaic in Zatom shot with SCT8″ and ASI290MM camera.

Large version here https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Moon_204124_AS_p20_g4_ap261_conv_stitchV.jpg

As always in Zatom many things have happened – we had some lectures and talks, also astroimages processing workshops, we had both observing and integration nights, some trips. There was also whole lot of instruments to look through or look at, large set of binoculars, many astroimaging setups and large dobsonians. I have been in Zatom several times already, and definitely will go there next time in autumn 2017.

Photos credits: Jacek E., Panasmaras, pawelsky and sp3occ at forumastronomiczne.pl

See you there!

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