A few days after I collected wide field H alpha frames I pointed QHY163 color camera to the same target and then merged both color and hydrogen alpha to create composite widefield image of Auriga constellation centre. It is not much exposure time – only 20×3 minutes of color images, but due to the fast Samyang telephoto lens it is enough to turn out into decent quality picture. Even when it is made under suburban skies.

There are plenty of targets in this area – two Messier open clusters, several smaller open clusters, several hydrogen molecular clouds and even small Barnard dark nebula. I must say I like this kind of wide field astroimaging now 🙂 I have not liked it some time ago 🙂

Auriga center wide field. RGB color and H alpha composite. 20×3 minutes from QHY163C color camera and 12×10 minutes of Ha.

Large version here https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Aur_OSCHa_50.jpg

Annotated frame.

Clear skies!