Planetary newbie

Well, not newbie as “youg”, but rather “recently discovered”. PuWe1 (PNG 158.9 + 17.8) is a pretty large (about 20 arc minutes diameter) planetary nebula in the constellation of Lynx. It was discovered by Purgathofer and Weinberger in 1980 and is placed about 3500 light years away. Although quite large it is also very faint object – but as visual observers reported possible to see with Oiii filter. 
550 minutes of total exposure here under light polluted sky. 400 minutes of h-alpha and 150 minutes of RGB. With 130mm refractor and Atik383 camera.

PuWe1 planetary nebula in Lynx
PuWe1 planetary nebula in Lynx


Clear skies!

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