Barnard 150 Dark SeaHorse is kind of lost nebula – I collected photons to this frame in September, 2016, then processed them, and forgot to blog it 🙁 So it is not really winter sky object, but, well, its time has come 🙂  That has been also recorded with Atik383 camera, that is now in the hands of my astrofriend Alien (check his content at ) . I am pretty happy with my current QHY163M camera, but Atik383 was really my medium format CCD enabler. 

In the autumn last year I was totally involved in the dark nebulae. I spend almost all clear September nights on dark side of astrophotography. Barnard 150 Dark SeaHorse nebula is well known dark shape in constellation of Cepheus. I pictured it over two nights 8 and 9 in September, 2016. I used Photoline 130 refractor, Atik383 camera and Baader LRGB filter. I collected 450 minutes of luminance and 3×60 minutes of RGB under suburban sky, and the final outcome you will find below.

Barnard 150
Barnard 150 nebula in Cepheus

Dark nebulae requires good sky to picture them properly, so 5mag NELM is not really a good solution here. However the result is somehow rewarding for me, and I am quite happy about it.

Clear skies!