TS 130/910 APO – first look, first light

TS apochromatic triplet 130mm f/7
TS apochromatic triplet 130mm f/7

New instrument onboard – after many years of picturing with newton telescopes I eventually decided to change to lenses. After a few emails with very nice and professional discussion with teleskop-spezialisten.de and few more days for selecting and adjusting the big gun arrived. Of course it is larger than expected, and it seems that 3/4 of its weight is placed in the lens cell. Refractor is well build, focuser is stiff and fits directly to the 2.5″ 0.79x reducer using Zeiss M68 thread. Last night first light was possible, but only for a few minutes. I used Canon 550D attached to the focuser without reducer (still waiting for adapters) and pictured Albireo binary star. 

Albireo with TS130/910 and Canon 550D, single 10s exposure
Albireo with TS130/910 and Canon 550D, single 10s exposure

Above it is a 1:1 crop from frame center. Picture scale is 0.97″/px, it means that small stars at the image have apparent diameter, like one cent coin seen from 2km distance.

Albireo with TS130/910, 20x10 seconds stack, crop 1:1
Albireo with TS130/910, 20×10 seconds stack, crop 1:1
...and the full Canon 550D frame
…and the full Canon 550D frame

I am very happy with the results, the stars are pinpoint, there is no visible color fringes, and with only 10 seconds exposures stars as faint as 15mag have been recorded (so about 3000x times fainter than stars visible with naked eye).
More images to come (hopefully) soon 🙂

Clear skies!

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