Needle Galaxy (aka NGC4565 or Caldwell 38) is an edge on spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices contellation. It is about 40 millions light years away and its apparent magnitude is 10 mag. It is huge galaxy – more luminous than famous Andromeda galaxy. It is prominent celestial masterpiece that Messier missed in his catalog.
The photography was taken during one night with fairly good seeing conditions, but a little bit haze present that limited naked eye magnitude to about 5. LRGB frames were exposed with total times 150:40:40:40 minutes and 1:2:2:2 binning. Single exposure times were 5 minutes for L and 2 minutes for color filters. Setup as usual – GSO newtonian scope 150/750mm, Atik 314L+ camera with color filter wheel placed on autoguided HEQ5 Pro mount.

Only luminance channel is presented below:

Clear skies!