Well, it is nothing one can compare to Hubble Deep Field, but I am gonna get better:)
Coma Cluster is a galaxy cluster about 99 megaparsecs away (320 mln light years). Contains over one thousand identified members. Each member is an entire galaxy – contains millions of stars. Cluster is dominated by two huge elliptical galaxies in the middle right. The larger one – NGC4874 is ten times larger than our Milky Way. The cluster can be found in Coma Berenices constellation and is a part of Coma Supercluster. In the lower left you can find NGC4921 galaxy which is one of the few spiral galaxies in this cluster. Most galaxies are elliptical or S0 type. Dark matter is believed to form 90% of Coma Cluster mass.
The photo above is luminance only (no color yet) with total exposure time 200 minutes. I definitely need to gather more photons of this magnificent field of view – almost every light spot at this picture is galaxy!

Clear skies!