There is modest constellation called Coma Berenices. It is somewhere above well known Leo  and Virgo constellations. Not so many stars visible in Coma Berenices, but very many galaxies. One sample you can see above – the largest galaxy is NGC4725 (no nickname this time). It is spiral galaxy with active nucleus – example of Seyfert galaxy. When you get a closer look into this galaxy you will notice it actuall has only one spiral arm, which is quite unusual. At top left you can see NGC4747 galaxy with traces of tidal tails – these are the outcome of interactions between these two galaxies that are about 50 million years away from us. 
At lower right you can see teeny tiny spiral galaxy NGC4712. It is not actually so small, but is over 200 millions year away, so four times further than the galaxy pair described above.
Picture was taken with usual setup, LRGB filters with total exposure time 4.5h.
Luminance channel below:

2013-04-16_ngc4725_rgblClear skies!