12.41 billion years away

It has been already over four years since I started to “hunt” for distant worlds (usually it is quasar) at my images. The area around M101 galaxy has already be examined by me some time ago. After four years I pointed telescope and camera there again, and collected 240 minutes of luminance with 130mm refractor and QHY163M camera at my suburban sky. This night transparency was good, so I decided to look for distant worlds once again. And I found something pretty far away – this is SDSS J140053.75+543012.1 distant quasar, that redshift is equal to 4.265. And that redshift means 12.41 billion years. At this time the Universe was pretty young, and actually first galaxies were created only about 1 billion years earlier.┬áThese kind of objects are not impressive at the astrophotography. We need to use our imagination to place these dots in proper context. These dots are captured photons that have been traveling over 12 billion years across the Universe.

Here is the image of M101 galaxy that I made, and there is enlarged crop with quasar marked with 4.20388 label. This is redshift value from previous version of SDSS survey, in the latest SDSS data redshift value was corrected to 4.265:

12.41 billion years away quasar next to M101
12.41 billion years away quasar next to M101

Clear skies!

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