Apollo 11 landing site and Luna 15 crash site

50 years ago astronauts of mission Apollo 11 have been traveling to the Moon. They were somewhere in the middle of this outstanding journey, and they landed on the Moon on July 20th, 1969 at 20:17:40 UTC. At 17:54:00 UTC next day they lifted off to rejoin Columbia at the orbit. Two hours earlier, when Armstrong and Aldrin have been preparing to start, Luna 15 crashed into the Moon 1200km away. Luna 15 was a second Soviet attempt to return lunar soil back to Earth with a goal to outstrip the US in achieving a sample return in the Moon race.

Apollo 11 landing site and Luna 15 crash site

You can read much more details about this missions at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_11 and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luna_15 pages.

In the images below Apollo 11 landing site has been marked together with Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin craters.

Apollo 11 landing site with three craters annotated
Apollo 11 landing site imaged near Full Moon

Links to full resolution images:

Moon images have been captured by me six years ago using QHY5 camera and 6″ newtonian with barlow lens and IR pass filter.

Clear skies!

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