Weather forecasts were mixed for XVI astroparty in Zatom, but despite this we had two out of three nights full of stars. Zatom is located far away from major city lights, and once there is no cloud in the sky, the night view is breathtaking. About eighty astronomy amateurs from all around Poland have met in this place to discuss, image and observe sky wonders. Spring northern sky is full of galaxies, and after midnight Milky Way stars to rise – at the beginning almost parallel to horizon. If you are interested in astronomy then dark sky is priceless. When you live in light polluted area, then night sky is only a substitute of what you can see at dark location. 

I took to XVI Zatom astroparty my imaging setup with ACF 10″ telescope and also portable visual setup with 4″ refractor on AZ4 mount. However I have not shot any picture at all. I spent whole time on observing. I have very few opportunities to be under dark skies and I could not resist to use it for visual. I have seen great number of objects, several of them for the first time, and many of these views are just unforgettable. 

Here are a few pictures that may give you small impression of Zatom astroparty:

Images credits: Jacek E., waski79, jolo @ 

Clear skies!