There are many hidden astrophoto treasures in the constellation of Cepheus (although not so many for visual observations). One of them is nebulosity called NGC7822. It is a young star forming complex. The complex is about 3000 light years away, and younger components are believed to be ‘only’ few million years old. The complex also contains the hottest star within the distance 3000 light years from Sun. It is  BD+66 1673 star – an eclipsing binary that one member is about 100 000 times more luminous than Sun and its surface temperature is about 45 000 K.


The picture above is a resized full frame stack of 10 minutes subexposures made with Hα filter, so only the light emitted by excited hydrogen atoms have been recorded. You can notice many of so called pillars of creation where stars are formed.
Below is the enlarged part of the picture.


Clear skies!