Few days ago starry night caught me unprepared. Out of nowhere stars appeared in the sky, and weather forecast said it would be for about three hours. But my flattener was disassembled… I decided then to catch some relatively small object. Fortunately both transparency and seeing were pretty decent. I pointed telescope to NGC3628 Hamburger galaxy in Leo and gathered some luminance photons. Hamburger galaxy is a spiral galaxy placed about 35 million light years away seen from the edge. Real gem of this object is broad obscuring band of dust located along its outer edge. It is really magnificent view at high resolution pictures.

Picture below was made with TS Photoline 130/910 refractor without any flattener and QHY163M camera. It is 65 frames of luminance, 180 seconds each. I would like to collect twice as much of luminance and then color, but apparently it must wait 🙁  To the left of NGC3628 there is barely visible tidal tail spanning approximately 300 000 light years, that is believed to be a result of gravitational interaction with other galaxies. I want to have it more obvious, thats why I need to collect more data.

NGC3628 Hamburger galaxy in Leo

Large version https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/2017-02-13-24-N3628L.jpg

Clear skies!