Pelican can wait

Here it is some color added to hydrogen black and white picture from Pelican in Swan post. Hydrogen presence has been mapped to green color, sulphur to red, and oxygen to blue – this is so called HST color palette. It was made popular by the pictures from Hubble Space Telescope. 
Here I gathered 4.5h with hydrogen filter (which is pretty enough) and 2h for each sulphur and oxygen filter (which is not enough, although exposed in bin2 mode). I will collect more photons, but not in the near future – Pelican can wait 🙂

IC5067 nebula in Swan (false color)
IC5067 nebula in Swan (false color)

Setup: current 🙂 That means – TS 130/910 apochromatic triplet with 0.79x 3″ reducer/flattener, Atik383L+ mono camera, Baader 36mm filter set, EQ6 belt modded mount, guided with ASI120MM and off axis guider.

Clear skies!

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