I exposed some frames for another galactic field and as usual I inspected them a little trying to find some remote objects. This time besides a few distant and barely visible galaxy clusters a few quasars have been identified. According to current knowledge quasars are the most energetic objects from the object group called Active Galactic Nuclei. They look very similar to the star, but actually they can emit as much energy as hundred Milky Ways, so they indeed are very distant.
There are a few photons recorded in my pictures that comes from an object catalogued as SDSS J131123.83+364140.4 . This is quite faint and distant quasar with measured redshift equals 2.8759 which correnponds to the distance about 11.5 billion light years. This is the most distant object I recorded and identified so far. The light we observe now has left the quasar long time before Solar System has been created. Not spectacular object, but rather imagination test 🙂

2014-05-25-sdss-qso-2-88Clear skies!