Wideo tutoriale o programie Maxim DL (PL)
Maxim video tutorials

Tutoriale PixInsight (PDF) (PL)
PixInsight tutorials

Zestaw astrofoto od podszewki (PDF) (PL)
Zestaw astrofoto od podszewki

Very personalized set. Actually this is what I mostly read or use (plus weather forecast of course 🙂 ) – nice and comprehensive astro forum (polish language) – useful astro formulae – photopic sky survey – SDSS sky survey – Universe Today magazine – exoplanet database – weekly bright comets update – telescope optics  – CMOS sensors in astronomy knowledge base – optics tests and evaluations – one of the first astroblogs in Poland – astronomy and astrophotography knowledge base – Emil Kraaikamp Webcam Astrophotography page – My Night Sky blog page

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