Well, nothing really happened fortunately 🙂  “Side effects” here means only one more target that I was able to picture last night, when I have been adjusting flattener distance. It looks that testing phase is close to the end, time for some “real work”. For narrowband tests I have chosen Cygnus Wall (part of NGC7000 nebula) – it is bright (at least in hydrogen band) and was conveniently placed last night. I collected 60 minutes of H alpha, the same amount of Oiii band, and 3×16 minutes of RGB signal, conditions very modest and exposure time as well. So here it comes:

Cygnus Wall, 6x10 minutes Ha
Cygnus Wall, 6×10 minutes Ha
Cygnus Wall, 6x10 minutes Ha, 6x10 minutes Oiii, 3x8x2 minutes RGB
Cygnus Wall, 6×10 minutes Ha, 6×10 minutes Oiii, 3x8x2 minutes RGB

Other components as usual: TS Photoline 130mm refractor with 0.79x reducer sitting on EQ6 mount.

Clear skies!