NGC7000 wide field rich field

A few nights ago clouds went out somewhere for some time, and despite of almost full Moon I decided to catch some light. I quickly placed wide field setup outside and pointed it to Cygnus again. This time there is NGC7000 nebulosity complex in the frame centre. I collected 24 frames 5 minutes each of hydrogen alpha band with Samyang 135 and QHY163M camera on Smart EQ mount. And second image is the same plus 20×5 minutes of Oiii band and 3×15 minutes of RGB color.

Many things happened and still is going on in this area. North America nebula, Pelican nebula, many Barnard dust clouds, star clusters. It is extraordinary region of the sky, both for imaging but also visually – although in this latter case dark sky is highly recommended. 

NGC7000 nebula in Cygnus imaged in hydrogen alpha band.

Large version here

NGC7000 area – HaOiiiRGB composite

Large version

Annotated image

Large version here

Clear skies!

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