IC1396, Elephant Trunk and Garnet Star

This one is another holiday wide field capture. IC1396 nebula was the same kind of problem for me as California nebula – it never fit into field of view of my permanent imaging setups. But for 135mm telephoto lens it fit into frame with ease. The captured area is rich in dark clouds and hydrogen clouds. There is also whole lot of stars here, but no prominent open clusters has been catalogued in this region. At the northern edge of IC1396 nebula there is bright Garnet Star (μ Cephei) – one of the brightest known stars in our Galaxy. It is 350,000 times more luminous than Sun, and when placed in the centre of Solar system it would extend over the Saturn orbit. Garnet Star is red supergiant, that is also semiregular variable star. Its apparent brightness changes in the range 3.45 to 5.1 mag. Garnet Star may explode as supernova in any moment (so like tomorrow or in one million years – remember it is a cosmic scale 🙂 ) 

IC1396 nebula in Cepheus - wide field image.
IC1396 nebula in Cepheus – wide field image.

Large version https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/2018-08-19-I1396-3.jpg

IC1396 area annotated
IC1396 area annotated

Large version https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/I1396_fin_Annotated.jpg

Clear skies!

Image technical data:

Date: August, 19-21 2018
Location: Odargowo, Poland
Telescope: Samyang 135/2 @ f/2.8
Corrector: none
Camera: QHY163M, gain 100
Mount: iOptron SmartEQ Pro
Guiding: 50mm guidescope + ASI290MM
Exposure: LRGBHO 80:60:40:50 x 30 seconds, 15:15 x 120 seconds
Conditions: transparency good

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