Cocoon and friends

First look at this frame will be definitely attracted to well known Cocoon nebula (IC5146) that is both emission HII region but also reflective nebula. This nebulosity surrounds star cluster Collinder 470 – they live in kind-of-symbiosis. Molecular cloud provides elements so stars could be born. And hot, bright stars radiates light that excites nebula to shine. Starting from Cocoon to the right the dark nebula Barnard 168 commences. These two objects looks a little bit like strange comet with bright head and dark tail. Other than that in the frame there are few more dark Barnard and LDN clouds, some HII regions and few open clusters with the largest is M39 near by frame center. And that is is – stars, dusts and gases, many in one.

IC5146 Cocoon nebula wide view

Large version

And here is annotated version with some LDN items indicated and also a few lesser known open clusters:

Annotated frame

Large version

Image was made in Anticiana, Toscana. Setup: Samyang 135/2 ED @2.7, QHY163M, Smart EQ Pro, HaLRGB, 4h total exposure.

Clear skies!

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