Barnards on sale

There are few hundreds items in the Barnard catalog of dark nebulae. And significant amount of it is placed between Aquila (Eagle) head and Scutum (Shield) top corner 🙂  So around the triangle made of these two stars and M11 Wild Duck open cluster there is pretty lot of dark stuff.

I pointed my widefield setup to this direction while I was on my holidays in Anticiana, Toscana. Even single two minutes frame has shown nice dark patches when stretched. So I collected more frames for both luminance and color and after processing it looks like this:

Dark nebulosity around M11 Wild Duck cluster

Large version here

Quite a lot of things are floating there 🙂 Setup and exposure parameters are: Samyang 135/2 ED lens, QHY163M camera with LRGB Baader filters, iOptron Smart EQ Pro mount, exposure time LRGB 90:24:24:24 minutes, so 162 minutes in total. 

Annotated frame

Large version

Clear skies!

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