In the center of the picture below there is Gassendi crater (111km). The crater has been inundated by lava during the formation of nearby Mare Humorum (below the crater), so only the rim and central peaks remains above the surface. The crater rim is eroded, but still its circular shape is clearly visible. The rim rises above the crater floor from 200 to 2500 meters. Also at crater floor there is rilles system called Rimae Gassendi.


There are also a few other features at the picture. Second largest crater at the picture is Mersenius (85km) to the left and bottom of the Gassendi. Between these craters there are rille system designated Rimae Mersenius of length about 230km. At the picture bottom at the border of Mare Humorum there is Rupes Liebig – a 180km long fault line called from near by crater Liebig (the Sun is just rising over it at the picture bottom).