March 2018 Moonscapes

Over last two nights Moon was near to first quarter and was shining high in the night sky. I spent some very nice time at eyepiece on observations. Lunar views were extraordinary, camera images are not able to reflect all the dynamics of lights and shadows, that human eye is able to perceive. But despite to this I decided to take some pictures – just to remember. 

Catena Abulfeda crater chain. It is 210km long and it continues across the Rupes Altai.
Hercules and Atlas craters. Lower right – Endymion crater.
Heraclitus crater (right of center). It is complex crater, heavily worn with features smoothed down by subsequent impacts.
Montes Alpes with Vallis Alpes across. Cassini crater at lower left.
Sinus Lunicus surrounded with well known crater trio: Archimedes, Aristillus and Austolycus
Aristoteles and Eudoxux craters.
Famous Moon crater trio: Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus and Arzachel.
Straight Wall (Rupes Recta) – famous linear fault on Moon. It is 300 m high and 110km long feature.

All images were recorded with Meade ACF 10″ telescope, Baader Q-Barlow lens, Baader 610nm filter and ASI290MM. Each image is stack 400 out of 3000 frames.

Clear skies!

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