XV astroparty in Zatom

Milky Way at XV starparty in Zatom. Photo by pawelsky at forumastronomiczne.pl

Autumn equinox happened for me during XV astroparty in Zatom. Almost 60 astronomy lovers from all around Poland have met again in darkness of Drawa National Park. As usual it was mix of both visual observers and astroimagers, but it turns out that many of us have also different hobbies. It was useful at this astro party, because weather allowed us to observe only for 1.5 out of 3 nights. It was very good anyway, because weather forecasts were even worse. And autumn skies are beautiful and full of any kind of object types. 

Mid east Cassiopeia part with many dark clouds, star clusters and nebulae. Imaged in Zatom astroparty

So we had over one night of observations and imaging, and many other activities over the remaining time – workshops and prelections and many opportunities for discussions. It was again an extraordinary time spent with interesting people that was a perfect rest from daily duties.

Photos credit: Jacek E., Pawcio, przemo77 and jolo at http://www.forumastronomiczne.pl/index.php?/topic/13011-xv-zlot-relacja/

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