LDN807 dark complex

Beverly Turner Lynds was an american astronomer, who about 50 years ago created two catalogs – LBN and LDN – Lynds Bright and Dark Nebulae catalog. She made it basing on visual review of Palomar Sky Survey. There are over 1600 entries in the LDN catalog, some of them are cross referenced to Barnard catalog, but most are not. Also some of them can be observed visually. Theye are just a dust clouds that obscure stars behind. And usually LDNs come in groups 🙂

LDN807 complex is quite well known dark cloud. Can be foud little bit east and south from Albireo star. It consists of several dust clouds that have different designations. It is also a (demanding) target for visual observations with medium sized binoculars. And of course it is available for astroimaging 🙂 This one below I made with 130mm refractor and QHY163M camera on EQ6 mount. Unfortunately some high clouds were present during exposure, so bright stars have significant halos 🙁

Exposure time was 240 minuted of luminance and 3×45 minutes of RGB.

LDN807 dark nebula complex

Large version http://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/2017-08-26-LDN807.jpg

Clear skies!

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