IC4954 and Roslund 4

There are many places in the space where new stars are born. Reflection nebulae IC4954 (near center) and 4955 (lower left) is one of them. These nebulae surround open cluster Roslund4. Its age is estimated to 4 million years, and whole complex is located 6500 light years away. Can be found at the northern border of Vulpecula (Little Fox) constellation.

Roslund 4 consists of about 30 stars. This cluster is split to two main groups, that are apparently related to the locations of both parts of reflection nebula. Curt Roslund was a Swedish astronomer who discovered seven open clusters spectroscopically. Roslunds clusters are elusive and not obvious objects not listed in other catalogs.

Roslund 4 open cluster and IC4954-5 reflection nebulae complex

Large version https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2018-10-10-I4954.jpg

Clear skies!

Image technical data: 

Date: 10,14.10.2018
Location: Nieborowice, Poland
Telescope: Meade ACF 10"
Corrector: AP CCDT67
Camera: QHY163M, gain 100
Mount: SW EQ6
Guiding: SW 80/400 + ASI290MM
Exposure: LRGB 160:40:30:40 x 60 seconds
Conditions: seeing average, transparency good

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