Crab in the mist – update

Two days ago day after wet day it came pretty clean evening. However it quickly changed to ubiquitous myst. That plus crescent Moon made very poor transparency, but pretty decent seeing conditions. I was very hungry for photons, so I decided to collect some of them. Conditions favored small but relatively bright objects, so I have chosen M1 Crab nebula. Unfortunately the joy again didn’t last long, and after two hours clouds covered the sky.

So here it is – hydrogen alpha Crab nebula waiting for more exposures (currently 140 minutes):

M1 nebula: 140 minutes Ha
M1 nebula: 140 minutes Ha

Then I collected some more hydrogen over two more nights – again hazy and poor transparency, but with stable atmosphere. Here is then 350 minutes of hydrogen alpha:

M1 Crab nebula – 350 minutes of hydrogen alpha

And last night I collected some more photons – 180 minutes of oxygen band and 3 times 30 minutes of each RGB channel. And the final outcome is here:

M1 Crab nebula HOiiiRGB composite - 620 minutes total
M1 Crab nebula HOiiiRGB composite – 620 minutes total
M1 Crab - enlarged crop
M1 Crab – enlarged crop

Large versions:

Clear skies!

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