Bunch of Barnards in Cepheus

These are photons collected over one August night, when the conditions at my suburban location was fair enough for me to decide for classic LRGB composition. I pointed telescope to some dark dusties in Cepheus constellation near by famous Elephant Trunk nebula. There are three Barnard clouds in the frame and also a few more LDN dark items. During processing of the image I noticed that overall frame looks little bit dun and reddish – brown. I was worried a little, but then I found out that stars in the upper right corner seem to be well defined, contrasty and color balanced. So I decided not to remove this dark cast – it may be a faint dust cloud that is present in the most of the frame area. It is quite probable, since dark dust nebulae are present almost everywhere here in this image. 

Image was made with 130mm refractor, QHY163M camera and EQ6 mount. It is LRGB composite with 80 frames of luminance and 15 frames of each RGB channel. Each single frame was 3 minutes, so overall exposure time was little bit over 6 hours.

Barnard 169, 170 and 171

Large version https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2017-09-01-B170-4.jpg

Original Barnard plate nr 49 with marked frame.

Clear skies!

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