Despite the fact, that NGC7086 is an open cluster in frequently visited and popular part in the sky, it is not often imaged. NGC7086 lies about 4,200 light years away, and was discovered by William Herschel in 1788. Its age is estimated to 130 million years. The cluster is compact and its visual magnitude is about 8.5mag. 

Both seeing and transparency were at medium level during these nights I captured data for that image. But overall outcome is not that bad. However the cluster at image contains probably too many blueish stars. That could mean, the color balance is not correct and might be influenced by weather conditions.

NGC7086 open cluster
NGC7086 open cluster

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Clear skies!

Image technical data: 

Date: 27.09, 05.10.2018 
Location: Nieborowice, Poland 
Telescope: Meade ACF 10" 
Corrector: AP CCDT67 
Camera: QHY163M, gain 100 
Mount: SW EQ6 
Guiding: SW 80/400 + ASI290MM 
Exposure: LRGB 50:30:20:25 x 60 seconds 
Conditions: seeing average, transparency average