Lesser-known space around NGC6791

There is whole lot of famous astroimaging targets in the Milky Way around Cygnus. NGC6791 open cluster is not one them. It is rarely imaged and observed open cluster in Lyra constellation next to its border with Cygnus. It is pretty distant (about 13 000 ly) and very old (about 8 billion years) cluster placed among the stars of Milky Way. Actually this is one of the oldest and most metal rich open clusters in the Galaxy. There is no more spectacular objects around, only a few brighter stars and PGC catalog very distant and obscured galaxies.

NGC6791 open cluster in Lyra
NGC6791 open cluster in Lyra

Large version here https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/2017-06-02-N6791.jpg

The strong red star little bit up and right to the cluster is a carbon star – its color index is 3.99. This is very “red” index 🙂 This star radiated few thousand times more energy in infrared than in blue color. As many of carbon stars this one is also long period variable – its symbol is U Lyr.

At the annotated picture below you can find some of distant fuzzies marked. There are some PGC catalog galaxies, but objects in the insets are not even catalogued in PGC set.

Uncatalogued faint fuzzies around NGC6791
Uncatalogued faint fuzzies around NGC6791

This image has been exposed in the beginning of June 2017 with 130mm refractor, EQ6 mount and QHY163C color camera. Exposition was 40×3 minutes under suburban sky.

Clear skies!

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