ngc6946At the border of Cepheus and Cygnus the Swan constellations there is a place where quite remote deep sky objects meets quite close one. A far cry object is NGC6946 galaxy, called also Fireworks Galaxy. The galaxy is located about 18 million light years away from Earth and it is quite obscured with interstellar matter of our Milky Way. It was discovered by William Herschel in 1798. In Fireworks Galaxy  nine supernovae were discovered. 
The hard by object is NGC6939 star open cluster, which is about 6000 light years away, so 3000 times closer than Fireworks Galaxy. This region of the sky is quite close to our galaxy plane, so it is fairly easy to find here star cluster, but not so easy for distant galaxies light to go through the interstellar matter.
Photo was taken with GSO 150/750 newtonian with coma corrector and Canon 20D modded camera. Exposure was 40×5 minutes.