NGC4762 and NGC4754 galaxy pair is actually non-interacting, visual pair placed approximately 55 million light years away. NGC4762 (left) is edge-on galaxy. Was considered to be a barred spiral galaxy before. Galaxy’s disc is asymmetric and warped. NGC4762 contains active galactic nucleus, a highly energetic central region. Second galaxy – NGC4754 is a face-on, barred lenticular. Its core features are quite subtle at this image, but it can be noticed, that inner and outer oval shapes are oriented 45 degrees from one another. Both galaxies are members of the Virgo cluster and forms quite fascinating pair. They are available for visual observations with moderate sized telescopes.

NGC4762 and NGC4754 lenticular galaxies pair
NGC4762 and NGC4754 lenticular galaxies pair

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Image technical data: 

Date: May, 15, 2018 
Location: Nieborowice, Poland 
Telescope: Meade ACF 10" 
Corrector: AP CCDT67 
Camera: QHY163M, gain 100 
Mount: SW EQ6 
Guiding: SW 80/400 + ASI290MM 
Exposure: L filter, 95x60 seconds 
Conditions: seeing average-good, transparency good