NGC4565 Needle Galaxy

I already made an attempt to this object here with 6″ newtonian and Atik314L+ camera, and it was long time ago. It is magnificent object, but requires good conditions for imaging. Both seeing and dark sky are important. Seeing for catching details in the galaxy dust lane. Dark sky for registering subtle galaxy halo. In my case it turned out that there was some strange conditions when I collected RGB material with OSC camera. I have been fighting with color balance for a long time, and that is the best I could achieve. Although it is still not the outcome I expected 🙁  

Galaxy itself can be found in Coma Berenices constellation. It is 42 mln light years away. Pretty bright, can be spotted with binoculars under dark sky. In larger instruments dark slit can be noticed. I collected photons for this image at my backyard in March, 2017. Luminance is 75 frames 3 minutes each with QHY163M camera. Color is 40 frames 3 minutes each with QHY163C camera. Instrument was TS130/910 refractor on EQ6 mount.

NGC4565 galaxy in Coma Berenices

Large version here

And here is full size luminance only image.

Clear skies!

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