NGC2683 galaxy in Lynx

NGC2683 (nickname “UFO Galaxy”) was discovered by William Herschel (who else 🙂 ) on February 5, 1788. This one is placed about 20 million light years away, and can be found in the constellation of Lynx. UFO Galaxy is seen nearly edge-on. This galaxy is both smaller and less luminous than Milky Way, but it does seem to have large number of globular clusters with about 300 of them known. They appear similar to globular clusters in our galaxy, but they are significantly younger at around 3 billion years. That suggests a recent star formation event. NGC2683 is the brightest galaxy in the Lynx, but seem to be overlooked with many observers and astrophotographers.

Image below is 40×3 minutes luminance stack made with Meade ACF 10″ telescope with telecompressor and QHY163M camera on EQ6 mount. Sky – suburban, transparency was medium, seeing was good.

NGC2683 galaxy in Lynx

Large version

Clear skies!

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