M85 and NGC4394 galaxies are a nice pair, apparently close to each other, but quite far away in real. Messier 85 (larger, to the right) is a lenticular galaxy located in Coma Berenices constellation. Some scientists still believe it is rather elliptical galaxy. It is located about 60 million light years away. M85 has quite complex (though faint) outer structure with shells and ripples. This structure is believed to be the outcome of merging with another galaxy, that took place long time ago.

Smaller galaxy is NGC4394 barred spiral galaxy located about 40 million light years away – so the proximity between these two galaxies is only apparent. But still these two galaxies are part of Virgo Cluster.

Both galaxies have faint outer halo that is hard to record under light polluted sky. But transparency was quite good during these nights. This fact plus six hours of integration gave decent results. I have not applied much processing to this image – only stretching and some subtle detail enhancement. It must wait for next season for RGB color data. At suburban sky location, where additionally wether is not a reason to be happy, I need to plan such images over several seasons 🙂

M85 & NGC4394 galaxies
M85 & NGC4394

Large version of M85 and NGC4394 galaxies frame: https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/M85L_DBE_Lfin.jpg

Clear skies!

Image technical data:

Date: 30,31.03.2019
Location: Nieborowice, Poland
Telescope: Meade ACF 10"
Corrector: AP CCDT67
Camera: QHY163M, gain 100
Mount: SW EQ6
Guiding: SW 80/400 + ASI290MM
Exposure: L 360x60 seconds
Conditions: suburban sky, seeing moderate, transparency good